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Message from School Manager

  • Kenichi MinamikataKenichi Minamikata
    (Graduated from University of Tokyo)
  • After graduating from the University of Tokyo, I studied abroad in Germany and have been involved in the educational services industry for over 20 years. In addition to starting and operating new tuition centre, I have also been involved in highly specialized fields such as preparatory schools for medical schools

    I teach and manage students with an emphasis on conveying to all students that “learning” is a lot of fun. I have extensive experience teaching students from primary school to senior high school, so please feel free to come and take a trial class. WAM provides you with meaningful and enjoyable time. After taking a free trial class, we will help you take the right first step towards your precious future.

    There are a wide variety of schools in Singapore, and the learning content varies greatly depending on the school. Therefore, we will optimize the learning plan according to the school and student. Why not make the most of what you want to improve with an optimized study plan?

    The students we have sent out so far have discovered not only the results but also the significance of “learning” and are flying out into society. Would you like to go out into the world too? We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Primary School

PSLE program

  • WAM’s PSLE program helps primary school students strive to get their better grade.


    When learning a language, it is important to comprehend the basics. In our lessons, we thoroughly teach the basics, including grammar, vocabulary, and speaking practice. In addition, in order to know the latest topics around the world, you will be exposed to carefully selected news articles and develop the habit of constantly updating yourself.


    Mathematics lessons help students learn the basics by explaining abstract concepts in plain terms that are easy to understand.They reinforce basic skills so that students can tackle problems with confidence.


    The science curriculum stimulates interest in the world around us by explaining the scientific reasoning behind real-world phenomena. In addition to customized materials that help you connect concepts, we provide you with lessons to grasp the keywords you need and making answers that will help you get better score more on your exam.

  • PSLE program Primary School

Secondary School

O-level and A-level course programs

  • WAM has dedicated teachers who are well-versed in O-level and A-level exams. Our O-Level and A-Level tuition programs help students obtain a thorough foundational knowledge of each subject and strive to improve their academic performance.


    Our English curriculum focuses on developing reading, writing, and speaking skills. Our Lessons focus on deepening both their language knowledge and understanding of current events. We use news articles to stimulate and sustain students’ interest.


    We will give mathematics lessons at a pace that meet the learning needs of the students. Our curriculum, which covers both O and A levels, has a proven track record of improving academic ability. Even students who are not good at math will be able to tackle difficult problems step by step.

    Science (Chemistry / Physics / Biology)

    At levels higher than middle school, science concepts become increasingly abstract. We strive to break down key concepts into easy-to-understand terms and connect them to help you visualize the big picture. With interactive learning, your instructor will immediately point out your mistakes. We give our students the opportunity to practice more practical tasks.

  • 日本人学校小学部・中学部の授業サポート

Polytechnic programs

  • At Polytechnic teachers provide lectures and tutorials, but do not always intervene or coerce students unless they ask for help. It is not easy for students to have teachers available for consultation outside of class hours or on a regular basis. Furthermore, since the subject is complex, it will be difficult to solve it on your own, unlike in secondary school.

    WAM provides exclusive and customized lesson plans to help students understand the basic principles and keep up with the lessons. In addition, we provide information in an easy-to-understand manner so that students can solve their questions about any subject.

    At WAM, we have teachers with extensive experience supporting polytechnic students.

  • Polytechnic programs

IBDP programs

  • WAM has many IB coordinator instructors who are konwledgable with the International Baccalaureate evaluation criteria. We will suggest the most suitable curriculum for you. Since we have a grasp of the evaluation criteria for each subject such as essay and math, we can improve your grades with guidance that focuses on the main points. If you can grasp the pattern for answering and the key points to keep in mind, even if you found the question difficult, your thinking process will become clearer and you’ll get better grades.

  • IBDP programs

Three reasons why
WAM improves grades

We give you tips to get better grades!

  • The most important thing to improve grades is to understand each child’s learning situation, understand which subjects and units they need to improve, and understand what they should work on. This means your child can improve their grades with no worry about whether they’re on the right track or doing what they’re supposed to do.

  • We give you tips to get better grades!

Reason 1
Teachers provide thorough guidance
to improve performance!

  • Teachers
  • Teachers
  • Teachers

  • The curriculum is based on each individual and can significantly improve grades!

    WAM’s tuition is a high-quality tuition from experienced teachers who have passed strict recruitment criteria and undergone thorough training. We provide you with the most suitable lessons based on an accurate analysis of your weak points and the causes of them.

    Of course, we will select the teacher who matches your expectation perfectly. We also provide you with free trial lessons so that you can notice “why results are so important”.

Reason 2
The ‘causes’ of each individual’s difficulties
Teaching methods based on the ‘pattern’ of making mistakes.

  • You can’t get good grades just by doing your homework!

    We will not only adapt to the student’s weak points, but will also suggest learning methods based on the student’s level of understanding and character.The teacher will work with the student to solve the problem, stopping at the point where the problem is unsolvable and identifying which problems you understand and which you don’t.We go back to the point where you don’t understand the problem, explain it in detail, practise the problem and check your understanding as we progress step by step.The course does not end once you have solved the problem, but rather has you repeat the exercises until you are able to fully solve the problem on that topic, so that the lesson does not move on without a clear understanding.

  • You can't get good grades just by doing your homework!

Reason 3
The best course is available to meet a variety of needs!

  • We offer a tailored study plan for each student. We will work with you to meet your objectives and improve your grades!

  • The best course is available to meet a variety of needs!

Steps to take the course

STEP 1After enquiring,
arrange a consultation date and time.

  • Please inquire or apply using the inquiry form or by phone. WAM provides information about what is needed. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding studying or the exam. We will arrange a date and time for a free study consultation with you.

  • STEP1

STEP 2Free study consultation
and making up a study plan

  • Study consultation is carried out asking the child’s current situation and teaching wishes. After the consultation, we will give you a study plan tailored your child. We will set learning goals and determine the subjects, schedule. If you have any questions about the lessons, please feel free to contact us.Online lessions are also available.

    • The duration is approximately 1 hour.
  • STEP2

STEP 3Report on learning outcomes

  • WAM arranges interviews regarding learning achievements. The school manager and the teachers will inform you of the lessons, your level of achievement, future study plans and goals, etc.The course is not the end of the process, but a sure link to the next achievement.

  • STEP3

  • Campaign must be used for the first time.
  • Campaigns cannot be combined.
  • You must be enrolled for at least three months for the campaign to apply.
  • One 40-minute lesson x 4 sessions of the selected course is free of charge.
  • For more information, please contact the classroom.